About us

Welcome to the Croisée de la BULAC.

The Croisée is a blog which monitors research news in the field of area studies and disseminates a selection of research notebooks from the hypotheses.org site focusing on Africa, American Indian cultures, Asia, East-Central Europe, the Middle East, the Muslim world and Oceania.

On the Croisée de la BULAC, you will find the latest publications from a collection of research notebooks selected by the library team. This collection is regularly updated to add new notebooks and also exclude blogs which have been inactive for a year.

All the humanities and social sciences are covered including sociology, linguistics, history, political science, etc. Geographical entries divided into large-scale regions enable you to find notebooks which publish on a precise geographical region. Theme-based entries help you open and cross-reference study fields by giving you access to cross-border approaches in the “Mondes connectés” (“Connected worlds”) section or to comparative approaches in the “Mondes en regard” (“Facing worlds”) section.

Thus the BULAC makes the latest publications on hypotheses.org visible for the whole of the HSS in the field of area studies. With la Croisée,researchers can remain informed on the latest developments in their own field of research or linked fields thanks to the related presentation of research subjects focusing on distinct areas or complementary research concerning a given study area.

This blog is a crossroads where routes, paths and worlds meet and aims to help you compare different points of view. The French word croisée also metonymically means a window and thus is an invitation to open up new viewpoints on all non-Western research. Finally, as in another meaning of the French word croisée – the star-shaped crosspiece which makes the vanes of a windmill turn – the aim of this blog is to gather and disseminate area studies research production as a complement to the Carreau de la BULAC, a platform which publishes the crossed viewpoints of librarians and researchers.

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