Auteur : Annika Tjuka

An Extended Concept List of Vietnamese

As part of our ongoing endeavour to expand the possible mappings in Concepticon, I introduce an extended concept list of Vietnamese based on the Intercontinental Dictionary Series (IDS). The list includes elicitation glosses for 1,310 concepts that can be used as a reference to add more data or for comparative analyses. Here, I present the creation of the list and its content. 1 Introduction The Concepticon includes 3,924 concept sets in its current version (v3.2, List et al. 2024, and concept lists with elicitation […]

How to Visualize Colexification Networks in Cytoscape (How to Do X in Linguistics 14)

The ability to visualize data in an intelligible way is an important skill for scientists. In linguistics, especially in lexical semantics, data are often visualized using graphs, i.e., networks. For example, in the web app for the Database of Cross-Linguistic Colexifications (CLICS), we use networks to illustrate that a lexical form refers to two different concepts by connecting the concepts (i.e., nodes) with a line (i.e., edge). When identifying the colexifications between concepts across a large number of languages, the network grows and a […]

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