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Chinese-European Lecture No. 200

Reaping the Benefits of Water: A Political Epistemology of Shuili (1000–1100) (Xu Chun) In the eleventh century, the language of shuili, or “reaping the benefits of water”, gained political salience. This research situates the concept of shuili in the context of the Xifeng Reforms, foregrounding the practical knowledges and technologies that informed the particular meanings of shuili. The reformists’ idea that the state should actively reap the benefits of water, among other resources Heaven and Earth could offer, symbolizes a rearticulation of statecraft since the […]

[Book Review] Chen Zhenghong’s book series about the “Records of the Chroniclers”

Chen Zhenghong 陈正宏, Shikong: ‘Shiji’ de benji, biao yu shu 时空:《史记》的本纪,表与书 (Time and Space: The Basic Annals, Tables and Treatises of the Records of the Chroniclers), Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju 中华书局 2020. ISBN 978-7-1011-3965-5, 297 pages, 45 RMB. Chen Zhenghong 陈正宏, Xueyuan: ‘Shiji‘ de shijia 血缘:《史记》的世家 (Blood Lines: The Hereditary Houses of the Records of the Chroniclers), Beijing: Zhonghua Shuju 2021. ISBN 978-7-1011-5143-5, 278 pages, 42 RMB. reviewed by Hans van Ess (Universität München) There is no scarcity of scholarly books on the Records of […]

[Book Review] 赵冬梅《法度与人心:帝制时期人与制度的互动》 (Zhao Dongmei: Norms and Aspirations. Interactions between Institutions and Actors in Ancient China)

Zhao Dongmei 赵冬梅, Fadu yu renxin: dizhi shiqi ren yu zhidu de hudong 法度与人心:帝制时期人与制度的互动 (Norms and Aspirations: Interactions between Institutions and Actors in Ancient China), Zhongxin Chuban Jituan 中信出版集团, 2021. ISBN 978-7-5217-2398-4, 460 pages, 128 RMB. reviewed by Rong Hengying 戎恒颖 (Fudan University) Author Zhao Dongmei, born in 1971, is currently a professor of history at Peking University. A specialist in Song institutional history, she has largely focused her research on the military selection system under the Song dynasty (Wudao panghuang: zhongguo gudai de […]

Chinese-European Academic Lecture No. 199 (online)

   The Misidentification of ji since the Tang and Song Dynasties and Its Influence on the Vocabularies of Materia Medica and Modern Botany (Li Guoqiang) The identification of the plant to which ji (稷) refers has been a major issue of debate for more than 1500 years. In the pre-Qin literature, the usage of ji is common knowledge and needs no explanation, but its linguistic context indicates that ji is foxtail millet (Setaria italica [L.] P. Beauv.). This correspondence is also clearly defined by […]

Chinese-European Lecture Series 2021/2022

Agriculture and the Making of Sciences (1100–1700) This year’s lecture series is a collaboration between the European Research Centre for Chinese Studies, the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Hitherto historians of science tend to examine pre-modern agriculture in extra-European traditions from the perspective of modern agronomy retrospectively, often within a single ethno-linguistic context. In this set of seminars, speakers aim at reversing this approach by exploring how agricultural practices […]

[Book Review] 施展《破茧:隔离,信任与未来》(Shi Zhan: Breaking out of the Cocoon. Isolation, Trust, and the Future)

Shi Zhan 施展, Pojian: Geli, Xinren yu Weilai 破茧:隔离,信任与未来 (Breaking out of the Cocoon: Isolation, Trust, and the Future). Changsha: Hunan Wenyi Chubanshe 湖南文艺出版社, 2021. ISBN 978-7-5404-7973-2, 275 pages, 58RMB. by David Ownby (Université de Montréal) Shi Zhan (b. 1977) is a professor of political science at the China Foreign Affairs University 外交学院 in Beijing, and director of the Research Center on World Politics at the same university. In 2009, one year after completing his Ph.D. in history at Peking University, Shi joined a […]

New Online Resource: Histoire, archéologie et société – conférences académiques franco-chinoises, Cahier

              All 17 bilingual booklets published by the Beijing Centre of the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient (EFEO) in the series “Histoire, archéologie et société conférences académiques franco-chinoises” are now available online at crossasia eBooks. No. Title (Chinese) Title (French) Author Year 1 北京舊城街道的規劃及其保護 La structure urbaine du vieux Pékin et sa protection XU Pingfang 徐苹芳 2002 2 法國的建築、城市和景觀遺產保護 Protection du patrimoine architectural, urbain et paysager en France Françoise Ged 蘭德 2002 3 北京城地域結構啓示錄 Réflections sur l’occupation de l’espace dans […]

Call for Applications: Travel Grants for Research in China in 2021

Apply now for travel grants to conduct research in China in 2021. The Max Weber Foundation – German Humanities Institutes Abroad (MWS) – awards travel grants once a year, with the generous support of the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. The grants will be awarded to scholars from sinology or related subjects of any nationality, whose professional qualification phase (PhD and postdoc) is concerned with Chinese history, language or culture in the broadest sense and for whose research a stay in China is indispensable. Every year, […]

Conference: “The China Experience and the Making of Sinology”

The China Experience and the Making of Sinology: Western Scholars Sojourning in China (from the late 19th century to the first half of the 20th century) Conference organized by the ERCCS in collaboration with Beijing Foreign Studies University/School of History Date: September 20-21, 2019 Venue: Beijing Foreign Studies University Sinology as an academic discipline or a delimited research field has a rather short history. Apart from a few more or less exceptional professorships in the early 19th century, it is only from around the […]

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