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Aping the People

We hypothesize that populism relies on a mimesis of the putative people as a metaphor of the majority. It requires anti-elitism to be complemented by a people-leaders’ identification abolishing the symbolic distance between the represented and the repr…

{R} Replication File of ‘Aping the People’

This is the replication file of the draft manuscript submitted to the American Political Science Review. It is titled ‘Aping the People’: Populist Identification as Mimesis in Narendra Modi’s Speeches. The SMUR version of the article is found above.

What is the Idea of India?

This essay uses a natural language processing model trained on a large database of speeches from Prime Ministers since 1946 to generate analytically intelligible answers to a much-debated question: what is the idea of India?

Recent Participations

* See members’ contributions in the thematic issue of SAMAJ (18 | 2018) on Wayside Shrines: Everyday Religion in Urban India, jointly co-edited with the European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS).

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