Catégorie : Moyen-Orient et mondes musulmans

La rubrique Moyen-Orient et mondes musulmans regroupe les articles issus de carnets ayant pour objet plusieurs pays du Moyen-Orient ainsi que les cultures musulmanes.

Parution : The Queen of Sheba’s Gift

The Queen of Sheba’s Gift A History of the True Balsam of Matarea Marcus Milwright Tells the history of the precious balsam of Matarea: a substance traded for its weight in gold Uses archaeological and textual sources to trace the cultivation of balsam trees from the 4th century BCE to the 17th century CE Surveys the evidence for the symbolic value and practical applications of balsam in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe Establishes the many uses of balsam in pre-modern medicine, religious … Continuer la lecture de Parution : The Queen of Sheba’s Gift

Webinar MAGYC & SHAKK Ifpo Beirut

Trajectories, settlements and narratives of Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan   Link:–grj8vH9aDM-sBPMrCL5KQ3k4_TNVV   Organisers : Imad Amer (Ifpo), Kamel Doraï (Ifpo), Anna Poujeau (Ifpo)   Third session 19th May 2021 03:00-04:30 Beirut time 02:00-03:30 Paris Time 01:00-02:30 London Time   Speaker : Imad Amer (Ifpo – MAGYC) Discussant : Jalal al-Husseini (Ifpo) Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: The Politics of No Policies The lack of clarity and consistency on behalf of the Lebanese authority’s politics towards the Syrian refugees has left question and … Continuer la lecture de « Webinar MAGYC & SHAKK Ifpo Beirut »

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